This message is for those FittleBug Clients that use SERVICEMONSTER along with FittleBug…

Unless you have been under a rock, you know that I built an Automated Email Notification tool that automatically can fire out emails based on your determined criteria or triggered events; like 1 day after each appointment and another 12 months later. If you are unfamiliar with this – you have to learn about it. It’s automated marketing… AND FREE with FittleBug.

Back to the topic – If you input an order first into ServiceMonster from a telephone call and then the data flows over to FittleBug to record it, you now can have the same ORDER CONFIRMATION email sent out to the person who booked just like you did if they booked themselves in FittleBug. IT”S AN OPTION (see the highlighted). True means it will get sent and False means it wont. The only things that I want you to consider is: If you don’t complete the line items in ServiceMonster and the data is sent over to FB, then the email will send out an incomplete order detail confirmation. Garbage in Garbage out. Most of you fill in the information at the time of the phone order, but I’m just letting you know that if not, the email will be wrong and confusing to the consumer.

WHAT A WAY to train them that they can book the next one themselves. Any questions – call me or watch this video: