Prospective clients are always asking me how FittleBug is different than other software on the market. My answer is always it’s real-time, but I’m not really sure that they know what that means. Real-Time means “Your Time”, not when they want you to be free and available for service, but when you actually ARE available. Down to the minute availability. There is certainly a lot more to FittleBug than Real-Time, but let’s leave the instant social media marketing and automated marketing features out of this message. I want to talk about why it’s relevant to offer real-time chooses to your market.

Who’s your market? Over 80% of the decision to secure a carpet cleaner are made by woman; and if it’s man behind that reaches out, the decision was probably still decided by a woman! Lol It’s not the 50’s anymore… woman work at least 50% of the labor force today. Do you think that they are busy people? You bet they are! It’s been said that the second most important thing to a woman, behind their family, is time.

So how is FittleBug (FB) helping woman’s time differently than other programs on the market? FB was designed to allow you to customize the time it takes to do each and everything that you do down to the minute. It empowers her to easily choose “exactly” what she wants you to do, see down-to-the-minute  how long you’ll be in her house and complete the task all without ever having to pick up a phone, fill out a form or send an email inquiry. Most programs just allow you to Package items together as an option or individual items only to allow blocks of time. It would be like comparing flights times from Chicago to Milwaukee (about 60 miles) with Chicago to San Francisco (about  2,100 miles). If given the same amount of time to get the passengers to the destination, there would be plenty of *%#@$ed off people once they landed in San Francisco. Minutes matter to busy people, minutes add up and minutes mean money to a service provider. Having the ability for consumers to NOT HAVE TO sit around and wait all AM or PM, or even for 2 or 3 hour slots is empowering everyone. Watch a quick video on the subject.

People get online to complete things – NOT to continue them. FittleBug empowers both ends of the value chain. It empowers both the consumer and the service provider with real-time savings and instant automated marketing. Drop us a line or check out more information at .

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Steve Mastio
Maker of FittleBug