First – I am not trying to be sexist or plagiaristic… I just thought that the saying “That’s what she said” said it ALL! Carpet Cleaners hire traditionally a woman to answer the phone when they are busy cleaning carpets. They need someone to tell the prospects everything that they do, tell them when they might be free, tell them the costs, educate the client, ask for the order, record the order in some program, inform the carpet cleaner there was an order, and on and on and on.

She expects to be paid for her time. What does she cost? Do you have to provide Health Insurance? What about periodic raises, sick days, and vacation time? She could tend to get pretty expensive! The Carpet Cleaning industry has options to pay others (ie. sub that requirement out) for a pretty hefty cost; but no one will train people on your needs like you. Unfortunately, the one prominent out-source option decided that it wasn’t working and closed their doors. So now what do you do?

Here’s a thought – Show Them What She Said! With FittleBug “Real-Time” Scheduling you can do all of the things mentioned above and MORE, all for just $200 a month, and guess what – They don’t even have to call! Other service sectors have already been or started to “educate” the consumer that they are empowered to schedule themselves. The airlines, hotel, salons, etc. Consumers pump there own gas, make their own trades, shop for groceries on their own time, even schedule doctor appointments. As Cher said in the movie Moonstuck… “Snap out of it!” $200 is a steal to do the things that people used to do. Did I mentioned that FittleBug also “Markets” for you while your cleaning. All you have to do is tell people that they can do it themselves and guess what – A LOT Want To!

FittleBug is the premier consumer scheduling tool for Carpet Cleaners and others to empower time – both consumer and provider. Click here to see what it did for John in San Francisco, review the program and call for a demo before you start losing opportunity to that snot nosed computer geek that decided to start a carpet cleaning business. The internet is the great equalizer.