In this piece I will share with you how to offer specials that are not available to the entire public. Oh yea, FittleBug offers the ability to have promotion codes tied to a % or a $ amount, even tied to a list of items that you might call a “package”. BUT what I am going to share is a little known feature that I believe is under used by the majority of FittleBug clients.

Did you know that you can “hide” sub-categories (for example “free spot cleaner”) from the public seeing it at all – yet it is still available to include in a package for those special people.



Basically – When the public looks at your Carpet Sub-Categories available to choose from, they won’t see “free deodorizer” since it is checked to be hidden only for the admins to see.

Here’s a live example click here, enter 60174 and put in the promo code – “Spotter” on the right side of the page…