#1 Rule of Fishing should be followed for Online Marketing as well...

You gotta have a line in the water to catch the fish… You have to be available when consumers are wanting you and how they are wanting you to book appointments. This is a true Story:

My daughter and I went to Wisconsin for a couple days to go fishing and more at my brothers place. The third day that we were there, I had All my fishing equipment stolen in the middle of the night. That’s the bad part.

When I got home, being the brilliant mind that I am :), it dawned on me that it might be covered under the homeowners coverage that I carry. It was. As I was online at trying to remember and replicate everything that was taken, I noticed my email alert sounds going off, so I stopped to take a look. One of my clients had just gotten 3 new client, and three new order in the last 6 Minutes. Then it hit me – Why him…?  He doesn’t do the trade aspect of this business that different than any other service provider of carpet cleaning. Answer: He’s in the water, he made himself available to be hooked (booked). In six minutes he landed in his boat 3 new clients for a total of $1393 of business. That’s a keeper in my book, and notice the times of the bookings. They could have called, but opted not to – they went ahead and opted to Book and be Done! Now! Not play telephone tag…


These 6 minutes just paid for 6 MONTHS of FittleBug “Real-Time” Scheduling!

Are you ready to see what you can catch by being in the online pool of Bookers?

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