You go to the grocery store, you by a candy bar for a $1.00, you eat it and it makes you feel real good. Was the candy bar worth the buck?

Everything is unknown until tested. This is true of your services, software, and just about everything you can think of. So… I want to talk about perceived cost vs. actual value. If to get something that you think you really want is going to take $10 dollars out of your left pocket, but 30 days later will put $30 back in your right pocket – Is that a good value for the 30 days time value of money. Now what if it were $50 that returned $200 dollars; or $200 dollars that returned $1000? You get the point.

You’re in business to make money. You must invest in that business to make it grow. The internet is allowing you to have a chance at growing about 2/3rd faster than before the internet existed. Prior to the internet you probably only worked about 8 hours. Today, oh yeah, you still only work 8 hours or so. So… What the heck am I talking about?

I am talking about Leverage –

Through the Internet you can market and advertise your services the other 16 hours of the day as well. Why aren’t you doing it? Are you? Is it a cost vs. value question? It shouldn’t be! Software like FittleBug allow service providers to leverage their time, effort and dollars to maximize their consumer offerings. There is certain software programs out there that helps run your business and then there is software like FittleBug – that helps grow your business.

What comes out of your left pocket sometimes is NOT the problem –