People always ask me why some people do better with FittleBug. I can’t get it out of my mouth quick enough – Keep it Simple Stupid concept. It’s human nature not to want to be confused, and feel stupid which leads to uncertainty.

As it relates to FittleBug – to many choices can confuse the consumer on what they really want, and what they really want is for you to come out and clean something or service something. Make it easy – Make it Simple – Make it Clear. Click, Click, Click and they should be done. I understand that service providers need to sell the sizzle and telling people why they are different and should be chosen. My only concern is don’t drown in your own minutia (def: a minute or minor detail). Here is an example of what keeping choices simple can do for you. No one would suggest that google is anything but a complex algorithm, yet it’s ease of use is undeniable.

Think about how you can make your website simple for your consumer…