FittleBug and People


Everyone strives to provide the “Best Customer Service” to their marketplace. It’s easy for the large well funded companies that might be your competition to offer things to the market that you can’t with your “Owner-Operator” budget.

So how do you compete? How can you make yourself standout? How do you get that opportunity to “sell your sizzle”? The answer is… be smarter about how you brand yourself to the market (with the limited dollars you have) and do the things that they can’t or won’t.

I am always asked why I built FittleBug Real-Time Scheduling, and why did I build it for the 1 to let’s say 12 service truck market. It will work for larger, but that really is the majority of the marketplace. Why didn’t I build it for the behemoth franchises of the world. The answer is for example,  93% of the market is owner-operator and 7% is franchises. Now I may be ignorant, but I’m not stupid! (Sissy Spacek in Coal Miner’s Daughter).

FittleBug gives the little guy the ability to market to the public at a tiny fraction of the cost that the big boys spend. It allows them to 24 hours a day share, process and secure information from their marketplace. There isn’t a “Digital Mom” around who wouldn’t appreciate being able to get the quality that smaller owner-operators offer in their services at the convenience of her own time. Big Boy Companies have call centers – Millennials say “What’s a call center?” Baby Boomers get frustrated (cause they’re OLD)  😉 waiting on hold to talk to someone.

Empower your clients to work with you the way THEY WANT TO! More and more that’s online, quickly, and DONE! Not a form, but a completion of the task. Recently I was reviewing some threads on Mikey’s bulletin board (a carpet cleaning fav), and some of our FittleBug clients were suggesting that about 50% of their orders are now being booked online with no admin involved. What you don’t know is some of these clients have only had FittleBug for about 2 years. Convert them to the Internet, let them do it themselves and Book it on their time and be DONE! For more information click here or call 630-444-2000.