Dateline 8/15/16

Paul Hannah, owner of Duct Cleaning Specialists located in Ontario Canada thought that people would like to  book themselves given the opportunity. On 7/20/16 he started FittleBug live for his market place. These are the results after 27 DAYS!!!

His marketing consisted of:

  1. a link from his website to FittleBug
  2. a mention that people could click a link in HomeStars (an aggregating Canadian home services site similar to Yelp/Angie’s List) to book themselves
  3. and a post on his FaceBook and Twitter Social Media. That’s it.

He told people with about 20-30 minutes of adding to the corporate message.

The results 27 days later: 55 Orders totalling $24,166 of new orders, and a ROR over 12,000% IN HIS FIRST MONTH! His average order was $439.

So what makes Paul’s FittleBug so successful? He had the guts and intelligence to let people book themselves based on his actual Real-Time availability with FittleBug. He realized that having a NON real-time approach was actually adding to the administrative work flow. The amount of time saved in man-hours that he was having to pay people to answer questions, sell and process orders is NOT even factored into this case study.

Imagine the value the other 11 months of the year might bring!