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I’m the first to admit that I sometimes I have a difficult time understanding the thought process of Women. Don’t get me wrong I like women, but I don’t think any woman will be taking the time to process their home into inches so they can inform the service provider of their needs. I mean, they are always getting inches wrong anyway. Woman make about 80+% of the decisions on things like carpet cleaning, so why would you want to confuse them? The 20% of the men I know won’t do it!

I guess that it boils down to do you want their business or not. I get the fact that a small business owner needs to be as precise as possible, but don’t you think he/she should draw the line somewhere? Let’s test the theory – how many inches is a normal size living room 20 feet X 10 feet? Quickly. Now trying this one – 18 X 15? I’ll wait. BUT they won’t. Here’s the lesson I believe – it is better to be slightly off on your estimate and get the client, then make consumers feel like they are doing all the work; only to have you change it anyway. I mean, really, is it worth losing the customer over a couple of feet?

Have you ever made an online appointment for a doctor’s appointment or a car tune-up or anything else? Did you have to wait a couple minutes from the time they said? Life Happens! Online Scheduling is  not without flaws, but asking consumers to do all the work is the kiss of death in any business. Also – while I’m on my rant…

Filling out a FORM is NOT ONLINE SCHEDULING!!! It’s filling out a form. It like calling and being placed on hold. Someone will eventually be back to you and probably interrupt what you are doing at that time. It’s kind of like booking an airline flight that says we’ll be leaving sometime between 1 and 4. Why would you as a service provider want to take yourself off the online booking market for a 3 hour window when the job might only be 40 minutes. That would be like only answering your phone for business between 10:30 to 11:00 and 2:45 to 3:15. Oh that’s right, some of you actually do that.

I’m not blogging this in an attempt to make people feel stupid. I truly don’t think that they know CONSUMERS time is JUST AS IMPORTANT as theirs. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

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