typing class

I guess that I’m OLD! I can remember sitting in Typing class in High School having to type over and over – “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”. (BTW, I only made two errors typing that)This was supposed to help you understand the home row on the keyboard. Guess what? The home row hasn’t changed. What else hasn’t changed since High School? The fundamentals of running a business! Plan and Prepare for Success.

For many in the Services Industry like carpet cleaners, winter time is a somewhat slower period for business and a time where business owners re-evaluate and prepare for the upcoming Spring when things will pick up. It’s been 6 years since we introduced the idea of FittleBug that people would prefer to be able to “Book Themselves” on the Internet for services as long as it is based on Real-Time Availability. Now we have clients from Coast to Coast allowing their customers and prospect to be able to book themselves 24 hours a day.

Those Service Providers that are considering this powerful marketing and booking source of online should think about it NOW and get things set up NOW so that when Spring comes they are ready to reap the rewards of this vast source of business.

So how long does it take to customize your FittleBug offering? I have had clients do it in 3 Days and others 3 weeks. Don’t let the newness of Real-Time Booking scare you away. Your clients want it and if you can’t deliver it, I promise you someone will. Part of our fee of the initial set-up is to work with you to get the program customized for the way YOU do business. Call things what you want, price things as you do now, and tell people through “information pop-ups” why they should choose you – just like you do now on the phone.

Work ON your business during these slower months, so you can work IN your business when the peak season comes. Learn Now – Earn Later! Let them Book and Be Done!