Frustrated Booking

Let’s play the Honey Game…

  1. Honey, get on the internet and see when flights leave and fly to Atlanta on the 28th and tell me what they cost and if it looks good book it please.
  2. Honey, can’t we just go on the internet and see if our checks have cleared as opposed to waiting for the paper statement at the end of the month?
  3. Honey, we need our carpets cleaned, go on the internet and fill out a form so they know that we are interested, and I’ll make sure that I am around the phone when they call back so I can coordinate a time that works for us.

If you choose #3 Congratulations you are an Idiot! I mean really, isn’t that all that a (web)-Form does. How does a form know how long it takes to do things? What if I was forced to choose a two hour window, but what I want them to do takes about 5 hours? Are they going to change it on me? I hope they don’t, I’m really tight for time.

This is the dilemma that Digital Consumers are forced into when providers of services force them to live in the 90’s technology. Forms don’t empower – they waste time! Everyone’s Time! If you want a client for life, allow them to work with you on THEIR TIME, BASED ON YOUR TIME – ANYTIME! THAT’S REAL-TIME!


(Welcome to the future – It’s been here for awhile now!)

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