The point of this is to have some fun, but also to emphasis that unless you tell people about your service company and why they should choose you, they have more choices today than ever before….

10 things to know

People LOVE Cool Stuff if it Empowers their Lives FittleBug Empowers Your Life and Theirs!!!

I can always tell when my clients are marketing their company. The online orders pick up! Having great tools, systems in place, employees and technology are WORTHLESS unless you consistently stay in front of them and remind them what makes you different and empower them to work with you on their time.

Recently a client of FittleBug must have been marketing online because he got 8 ONLINE ORDERS in 24 hours. Is this normal – NO, but it sure does make my point!

FittleBug is the most cost effective employee you will ever hire. She/He works around the clock telling your marketplace what you do, how much it is, how long you’ll be in their home, takes the order based on down to the minute availability, places that order in other software you might have, reminds them prior to the appointment date, doesn’t ask for Health Insurance, a pension plan, and can be fired at anytime with no legal repercussions… all for a fraction of what other methods might be.

But if you don’t tell people that they can place orders themselves on their time… you basically have the greatest billboard in the middle of a marketing desert.

FittleBug works… Get it and TELL PEOPLE