Solutions Ahead

Man, I hear that ALL THE TIME, but is it? Is it really? Offering Digital Mom the ability to work with you on her time, yet still based on your time, anytime – Is it really innovative. I would suggest to you that it is OPPORTUNISTIC and CREATIVE,
but NOT Innovative.

It’s been said, “innovation is understanding not just what customers want next, but knowing what they already want now.” I truly believe this. Another way of saying it is – Give them what they want – NOW, or someone (probably younger, technically smarter and with more kahuna’s WILL). What do consumers want? ASK THEM! I did.

Prior to even spending a dimec necessary to built the Real-Time Approach of FittleBug, I asked as many people as I could that would  be considered potential “service provider customers” , so basically everyone I knew and met. I heard all kinds of answers as to whether what is now called FittleBug could be a useful tool for them. Millennials said – Yes, Gen Xer’s – (don’t bother me, I’m gaming), Baby Boomers – Yes please.

So I looked at the market and here’s what my Business Plan told me in 2009:

There are approximately 70 million Digital Moms in the U.S. that are online and don’t need training on how to use the Internet. Annually about 14 million ask the carpet cleaning professionals to clean and protect their carpets. On average they each spend about $197…together they spend $2.74 billion annually!


So what did these 14 Million Moms really want over and above a good clean back in 2009? That was the easy part – Convenience and Time. No one was giving it to them. Forcing them to wait for returned calls and at the availability of the service provider. Guess What – NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

Over the last 8 years since the incubation to creation of FittleBug Real-Time Booking, service providers have started to wake up to the reality of technical innovative progress for the growth of their companies. When I first introduced the concept, it was like they were looking at a guy with 3 eyes trying to figure out what they heck I was really saying. I heard things like, ” Why would I ever let people book my services without first talking to me?” They now know the answer – Because a large chunk of their market or future market doesn’t care to talk to them and their existing clients already knew them. Try calling your 20 or 30 something kid on the phone, you’ll get a text back.

Today more and more companies are taking baby steps into what consumers STILL want. They are offering more FORMS to fill out. That’s what they are – Forms. If they aren’t based on factual times for service, it’s a square peg in a round hole approach. It’s just another service provider attempt to control what they presently call their market. How would you feel if United or American airlines didn’t tell you when the flights would be landing? This is what forms do. People say what they want without ANY understanding of how long things take. Today’s World – Problem!

Folks – the Future of Service Provider growth is Real-Time, not some time.

The reason CHAT has gotten more popular in the last couple years is because it is a stepping stone to Real-Time Solutions. Consumers today KNOW that forms just prolong, they don’t complete. Chat requires dual communications, someone at both ends and that is not a cheap thing whether it’s you or your staff.

You’re a consumer, ask yourself: “When was the last time I filled out a form for someone to get back to me about a service I was interested in?”  How was that experience and did it do any good for you?

FittleBug Real-Time Booking
(or something real-time similar)
will be what you need to compete!

Let them BOOK NOW and be an INNOVATOR…
in the eyes of your Marketplace