Today I caught myself thinking about what I “originally thought” results would be for our FittleBug Clients and then what really occurred over the last 6 years. I also thought I would share some of my surprises and challenges today and going forward.

My biggest surprise was the time of day that consumers are booking our clients. It’s all over the board! My thought was that it would be mostly after hours of work. Boy was I wrong. It’s all day and night. I have seen orders at 6:00 am in Ohio, and 2:30 am in Canada. I’ve seen clients first “Live” day with FittleBug get 6 orders and watched as one client secures 13 in a 24 hour time period. I always knew that rich folks would book, but I wasn’t sure of the amounts they would feel comfortable booking. Over the last years I have seen a bunch of orders $750 and up. Not bad for an industry of Carpet Cleaning that averages $200 to $225 across the country. The largest I have seen is $1750 as a new client and new order for the provider. Although simplicity is the key to booking, I have seen some very complex orders especially in the repair area.

As far as the service providers experience, I can tell you that “IF” they take the time to think about how they want to offer services online and “For God Sakes” tell people, very rarely have they been disappointed. Clients that we have for at least a couple years, see that their clients just go book online and don’t even think about calling. So I guess that makes FittleBug Real-Time and Empowerment Time.

Some of the Challenges that I have experienced have been with clients really not marketing their own company. Having just a link button on their website is only going to make it available to those that know of their website. There is a reason they call it the “net”. Clients have to cast the net wider to attract more prospects to turn into clients whether they call in or book themselves online. Think of it this way – FittleBug is a high quality paint that you can get, but you still have to put it on the wall.

I am truly surprises that franchises do not have FittleBug Real-Time Booking! 87% of the carpet cleaning industry is referred to as owner/operator. Fortunately we have been marketing to them first.

Struggles going forward I see are… trying to constantly help the service providers think in terms of what “their” clients wishes and wants are. To often providers are their worst enemy when it comes to marketing. What worked 10 years ago is on the fast track of “premature retrogression”. Fancy term for ain’t’ going to help build a business these days.

Well – that’s kind of what I was thinking! What are your thoughts? Reach out to me at 630-444-2000 or .