We have this saying in our office to remind us that being different in the business world is often the key to success, but you still have to sell your differentiality. If you are different enough, often times all you have to do is “Tell em – Not Sell em”.

We have clients that are like us at FittleBug – they created a concept and wrapped a fun marketing game plan around it. I mean really – what is a FittleBug? Short answer, I have no idea! My son at age 9 came up with the word and said it was fun to say. He was right!

We recently acquired a new carpet cleaning client that wrapped his marketing around a storybook puppet character and has had great success and fun with his marketing. (8 trucks)

The point is – being different makes you stand out. Being different makes people question their thought process about your offerings. Be different can also expose idiocy. You have heard the old saying – If you don’t want people to know how dumb you are, it is better to keep you mouth shut, than open it and remove all doubt!

Technology can help you stand out among the sea of “you’s”. Something as simple as just allowing people to work with you on their time, yet still based on your time, is often enough help them remember you next time.

The simple approach of Real-Time or as some call it On -Demand booking, has been proving itself for the last 7 years with FittleBug as a big part of not only helping carpet cleaners and others with  attracting New Clients, but retaining Existing Clients! Don’t believe us… riddle me this batman…

Although you can, how many of you choose to call the airlines when booking their services? How many call National to rent a car? How many still wait for the attendant at the gas station? How many are still waiting?

Different is not Bad – It’s different, until it’s not!

Get on board the wave of the future for

Service Provider service booking.

It’s Real-Time and not waste time!

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