Actually it is, but I’ll get to that! Years ago I blogged about “Change is a Coming”. Well… it’s here and roaring done the track. Everywhere you look people are looking for faster more convenient features to their lives… and they’re getting it!

Waiting for the gas guy to come fill the tank became a time issue and that was back in the 70’S! Walking down to the stock broker or playing telephone tag with him or her was losing money in the 80’s. PDA’s (personal digital assistants) were introduced in the 90 to make us more organized. Napster arrived in the year 2000 to help us share our love of music easier with our friends. 2010 brought us “Square” was making it easier for small business. Let’s not even talk about Airbnb!

People are always seeking better and faster with more convenience in their lives. Each of the items mentioned above have one thing in common… they all required a

“Change in the Way People Perceived Value”.

But change for change sake is dangerous. Point being, it has to be good for everyone in the Value Chain. For example, if it is good for a service provider to adapt to Real-Time Booking tools, but not for their potential clients – that of course won’t be good; and the inverse is true as well. If change is good for the client, but not for the service provider, the service provider has two choices – Adapt or continue with the status quo and hope the change never catches on. Go ahead and put this in the Business Risk Column…

I will end this blog the way I started – Change Should be a Four Letter Word!