Ever wonder what you’re missing by having “Block of Time Window” Scheduling options vs Down to the Minute?

We did, so we did the calculations before we ever started coding FittleBug. Below you can clearly see based on certain conservative estimates that if you’re booking is blocks of time and not allowing for the actual time that things take – You are leaving $$$ in Cyberspace, and taking yourself OFF the market to be booked!

Minutes to perform the customers jobHours You Work Per DayMinutes in your Block of Time OptionLost Minutes Per HourLost Hours Per DayEstimated Hourly GrossPer Day Economic LossAverage Work Day a MonthPer Month Economic LossAnnualized Economic Loss

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The last column of the table shown above is illustrating the economic loss of blocking your time on your online schedule that is NOT used to perform your services. This is for online potential scheduling purposes only and no way is intended to reflect on your ability to  “will” something  to happen and fill vacant time with your incredible telepathy skills.  😯 (mention the word “telepathy” and we’ll wave the set up fee for the first 5 companies that sign up prior to Nov 30. I just want to see if you read this!

So if you have any questions, would like to discuss your numbers, or learn more about FittleBug Real-Time “Down to the Minute” Booking and Done… Call Steve at 630-444-2000