The Future for Service Providers Marketing:



You can do all the marketing approaches that you want, spend as much money as you desire, but if the actions don’t turn into conversions – it was a waste! By conversions I mean an actual sale on the books. Marketing used to be “How can I make the phone ring?” This was assuming that you or some other paid person were there to answer the phone, but you still have to get the order.

After about 8 years of preaching from the mountain tops to the service industry about what online real-time booking can do for their companies, it appears that some still need to understand just what the term Real-Time really means. Real-Time means empowerment. The power to know right now – not guess or wait for answers. Yet, still service providers think forms are enough. It might be enough for the provider, but to the consumer a form is just another step in the conversion cycle. Consumers seek information on the Internet to complete tasks – not to continue them. Making people add steps to the already time inefficient process of scheduling services is perceived today as an inconvenience. That’s what forms do – they ask consumers to tell them everything about their objectives so that someone can get back to them with a potential time for those services. Some forms offer blocks of time to choose from, but this is just another question in the form and is not based on actual availability. Thus a continuation is required.

What you should want is the shortest, most cost effective and informational method available to convert a prospect to a booked and done client. Offering Real-Time scheduling is this approach. People sometimes don’t understand the size of the marketplace that given a choice would choose not to use the phone, but do it all on the Internet. If you aren’t providing them the option to book and be done, I guarantee some one on the same page of the google search will!

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