I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a long time now. Part of our job at FittleBug is to help newbies to the whole real-time booking thing understand their audience better. Cause they’z different in the senses they use to evaluate your services.

When a prospect calls you on the phone it’s your voice they hear and based on that and the content spewing out of it, they form an opinion if they want to listen. If not, you could be talking but their ears have shut you out. There is only one form of impression making and that’s the voice.

Here’s where it gets interesting with FittleBug and real-time booking. If you can get right to the point with simple choices that they can understand, you have captured their attention. If you can create simple visuals like images of items they are considering or better yet a 20-30 second video explanation it’s like moving them along in the online sales cycle of:

  • Why you?
  • What do you offer?
  • How much is it?
  • When are you free when I am?
  • Booked and Done!

Simplicity is the key. I realize that some things are so complex in the eyes of service provider that they think the consumer wants to know everything that they do.

They Don’t!

Online – the things that they have questions on can be addressed with informational pop ups of imagery, text, video and more. Short concise answers so they can move forward in the cycle.

What do “YOU ” do when you go to a site and are confused…

So actually not only does real-time tools like FittleBug save you time and money… it can also explain your services in a way that consumers can take their time and understand, instead of potentially feeling rushed to a decision on the phone…

Maybe that’s why everyone of our clients tell us that they up-sell more online than on the phone!  

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