Carpet Pro Cleaners of North Carolina (a Housecall Pro user)

Owner Wesley Stone has had FittleBug for about 5 and half years now and has been able to secure about 4400 Online FittleBug order for total sales of $1,182,000 (as of 11/21/22). He obviously is having some great success, but I wanted to share some of his techniques so others can learn from his success.

When asked how much or where does he spend his time marketing to his market, Wesley replied “We market FittleBug on postcards (we hand out), the website, some direct mail and business cards”. I tell people all the time when they start with FittleBug, you don’t have to spend more money – Just put the power of what FittleBug does on every touch piece whether it’s on or offline. Consumers love it, but they have to know about it.

Wesley knows that once consumers use FittleBug they will continue to use it again and again in the future for repeat business. He admits that his average job booked using FittleBug is slightly lower than his overall average, but he knows why. They do lots of repair and stretching which tends to be more off line for him and has slightly higher averages.

His big take away for others would be that he has taken the time with his Developers to “properly” optimize FittleBug for Search Engine marketing.

NOTE: It might surprise many to know that Wesley uses the power of HouseCall Pro to help run his business internally. HouseCall Pro not having an API interface with FittleBug certainly has a limitation for Wesley, but as he puts it “There are some limitations but compared to similar products, that work in the same manner, the advantages far outweigh any limitations.” HCP only syncs calendars with FittleBug and not all data as a true API interface would. Apparently he’s OK with the 2-3 Real-Time orders that FittleBug provides his business each day and the $10,000 average sales per month that FittleBug brings Carpet Pro Cleaners. Maybe you might be also… ?

Call us to learn more about how to implement FittleBug in your business and start taking advantage of the other 16 hours of the day you don’t answer your phone!