To a programmer or systems analyst it’s a code error page. To a consumer it’s when they see after taking the time to think about and place data online for a service they want performed thinking that the task is complete!

Question: Do consumers (you) go online to continue things or compete things? I would suggest that their thought process is they go on line to move toward or complete the process of a desired task. Let’s address this thought…

If you think you know what you want, you just go online to find it and secure/buy it. If you aren’t sure of what you want, you go online to research what it is that you think you want. If you found it online you buy/secure it.

So… once you’re ready to buy/secure/put the task behind you, you go to sites that offer you the ability to do just that. They have pricing, they have availability choices and a thing called a checkout. So the anxiety of completing the task is almost done!

You fill out all the information and you are faced with the “SUBMIT” button. Thinking before you push it… you push it. Then it happens –

The SCREEN OF DEATH – What? I’m not Done?

Here’s a few examples:



Your confirmation number is 5125611. As a reminder, you will be contacted by phone or email prior to your appointment.

Schedule Your Cleaning

Please choose your preferred service date below and we will display the open time slots. Your preferred service date will be submitted with your request. In the event that the preferred date selected presents any conflicts with the operator’s schedule, they will contact you to adjust the service date to find a time that best works. If you need assistance with your scheduling, please call (XXX) XXX-XXXX.


Thank you. Your tentative service request was received. Your selected service details and preferred date have been sent to the service provider you selected for review. You should receive a confirmation email with your requested service details and the local operator contact information. The local operator may confirm details of your request. For any questions, please contact the local operator you selected.


…NOW ASK YOURSELF: How efficient was the time that it took to complete the form, knowing that you are going to be speaking with someone anyway?

The task is not complete, finished or behind you – All you have done is empower them to try and convince you of a potential different time and or services. You’re trying to complete the task and they are trying to tell you aren’t done yet!!!