Don’t confuse your audience! Change is sometimes difficult for people, but Confusion can be worse. Prior to the advent of Real-Time booking and tools like FittleBug there were and still are lots of sources offering simple web-forms. These are simply a way for the consumer to fill out a form and then send it off to the service provider hoping that they get back with some information relevant to the request in a timely manor.

Now with Real-Time Booking the need for “so called scheduling forms” is gone, BUT some people just can’t let go of the need to keep that old “time consuming” web-form on their website along with a Real-Time Booking tool so people can use it if they want, as they have in the past. Here’s the problem with having two options for consumers to consider – “WHICH ONE DO THEY USE” ? Confusion sets in. Should they use the long version of the web-form to communicate with you or the new Real-Time approach where they can book it and be done with the task. They don’t want to use the wrong one, because that might not be the way you want it.

The solution is to offer the most simple approach to resolving the task, real-time tools like (FittleBug) and then give them a CONTACT US option if they have generic questions – just like Dave. Be like Dave. Dave Smart. Dave Successful. Dave knows booking.

Despite my unique orator skills, I often can’t convince clients of Real-Time that they need to let go of old tech and more toward resolution and completion in real-time only; and yes every single client that offers two confusing options wither fails or is at best slightly successful with online.