FittleBug Partners with Signpost to Offer Home Service Pros Seamless Booking

Dec 06, 2022

FittleBug, a leading scheduling platform servicing the home service industry, announced a partnership with Signpost, the modern receptionist and reputation management software. 

“Our new partnership with FittleBug is exciting. Giving service pros the power to generate, respond, and book prospective jobs in one seamless motion is a game-changer.”  said Steve Mastio, President of FittleBug. 

78% of jobs go to business that makes contact first, according to the Harvard Business Review. Pairing Signpost’s online review platform, instant responders, and 24/7 live receptionists with FittleBug’s intuitive online booking experience allows pros to up-level their lead capture experience and position themselves to win more jobs.

Leveraging the partnership, a service pro generates demand using Signpost’s automated review platform. When a homeowner reaches out, a US-based receptionist answers the call or an automated text message is sent to the customer, ensuring the pro is the first to make contact. When the customer decides to move forward, the transaction is completed using FittleBug’s booking platform.  

“I think of our partnership as a circle going from 1 to 10. Signpost handles steps 1 – 7 by generating interest through reviews and giving pros the tools they need to sell their services. Then FittleBug steps in to complete the booking and take it full circle.” said Laura Nelson, VP of Marketing at Signpost.

As a go-to partner, Signpost makes it easy for service providers to build credibility online and respond first to the resulting demand.

About FittleBug 

FittleBug is an online platform that provides real-time scheduling for the service  industry. Founded in 2009, FittleBug has helped hundreds of businesses increase sales while reducing costs. National in scope, FittleBug has become a preeminent software for “real-time” booking of home services. For more information, visit

About Signpost

Signpost helps local businesses improve their online reputation and respond in real-time to the resulting influx of leads. With Signpost, local businesses can generate reviews, send automatic custom messages, and manage marketing automation; ultimately streamlining communications throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Our platform not only ensures that businesses never miss a lead, but also allows them to save hours each day by consolidating lead sources and social media channels into one easy-to-use inbox. Learn more at