For Training Purposes I love to use Google Hangouts. All you need is a GMAIL account and to download the app here ( DOWNLOAD ) . This tool is free and we can share screens, talk, and view each other if you have a camera on your computer. It’s very helpful for Individual training and for Group Training. Once downloaded, all you have to be is logged into your Google Account and have Hangouts open. I also use another screen sharing tool, but I would prefer hangouts. Click and download – It’s FREE! You will find me by searching for . Send me an invitation and then we will be a click away…

How to add images, links, videos and HTML into the “Info Boxes”

  • For Images: replace the URL with your image URL, but keep the rest of the code the same….

Make sure that you press “Update” after inserting data in the Info Boxes

  • For Links: Replace the URL where you want it linked and then change the words that you want someone to click on to take them to this location. Leave the rest of the code as is….

Click to see Value of 9 Step Green Cleaning Process

  • For Videos: Go to Youtube video, chose the share option, choose embed option, copy the code into the Info Box like this example:
  • For HTML from your site or others: Go to the page that has the content and place your cursor somewhere OTHER than the text or pictures and “right click”. Choose View Page Source. Find the language that you want and copy it and the code around it from the first word to the ending word. Make sure that you get all the code or it will not look correct.

Have you ever need to download your own or any video from YouTube?

Add an SS just before the name of the video in the URL… click here

Find a bunch more stuff about it here…