FittleBug lets prospects and customers schedule your services quickly and easily. FittleBug is not some form that people fill out on your site, That is NOT booking! It’s not even what most consumers call SCHEDULING! It’s not booked. FittleBug is a dynamic REAL-TIME booking tool that allows consumers to BOOK and BE DONE… all in one session much like booking an airline ticket, based on actual real-time availability. No need for follow up. They receive an immediate confirmation email at the time of booking. But FittleBug is so much more. Here are just some of the new and existing features… call 630-444-2000 for a live demo

Atten: ServiceMonster Clients…

Your consumers can book you online and all the information flows immediately into your ServiceMonster software. Don’t worry about having to update both calendars. If you need to change the time or date of an appointment in ServiceMonster, it automatically updates your online calendar of availability to the consumers on FittleBug. If you don’t have, want or need ServiceMonster, just keep track of your appointments with the built-in FittleBug calendar, or through our Google Calendar two way syncing functionality that allows for calendar syncing with many other CMS programs. Click below to see how it works with ServiceMonster,,,

We can Hide the extra fees you need for those “Opportunistic yet far Opportunities”

We know that it costs you more money to travel to the perimeter of your service area than it does to go around the block, so we built into the Zip Code & Postal Code functionality the ability to add a travel charge to every zip code you desire, and have that charge spread out over the items that the consumer chooses to have you clean. For example – If you offer a package that is normally $199 and you want a travel charge of $20 added to zip code 12345, then FittleBug would display it as $219 for that zip code. If they chose additional items the cost would be spread out over the items reducing the cost of each items with every item they choose, but NEVER charging more than the $20 travel charge, and NEVER displayed as a Travel Charge. This hidden approach is an optional feature and of no additional cost to you.

*** New as of 12/2017 ***

Now you can apply the “Opposite” approach to the addition of a hidden fee. You can now set individual Zip Codes to provide a “Dollar Discount” as well. So if you are trying to attract a certain area, you can incentivize them with something like a $20 discount on anything they choose – both approaches of course are subject to your stated minimums! If you are adding fees to a zip code the fee will be in addition to the minimum.

Click Here to see the Video how easy it is to do…

Syncs both ways with Google Calendars

The FittleBug application is able to Sync Both Ways with a Google Calendar. Why is this good? So you can easily see out in the field or anywhere anytime the appointments that you have in your FBug Calendar. This is NOT to be confused with a Mobile App. It is a one to one relationship – One provider in FBug to One GCal. If each of your techs in the field has a GCal then they could each be synced up to only “their” schedule in FBug. It is not a CMS capability.

Here is an example of how things might work for you: When an order is placed in FBug by a consumer, it goes to the appropriate provider, and if that provider is Synced with a GCal, then the order will be seen on their GCal as well. If an appointment “in GCal” is moved to a different day or time, then it is Instantly updated in FBug – and vice versa. The order detail will be seen in the Description box of the appointment within the GCal.

Discount time slots for consumers who choose available times around existing appointments…

Now Service Providers have the option of offering to an online prospect a time slot (before and after) an existing booking. Providers can choose any mile distance from the zip code of an existing booking and offer a discount ($ or %) to someone looking to secure their services if they choose the time slot before or after that existing booking. Consumers will tend to group themselves and Providers will save time and expenses.

Distance Incentive Savings Tool

In a nutshell – this feature encourages consumers that are considering booking your services online to select times if available around other jobs you have when you are in their area… Watch how this is done in this 4:00 video.

Different Minimum Charges based on Individual Categories

NOW Carpet, Tile, Air Ducts, House Washing and others can have completely unique “Minimum Orders”. Any category you make can have it’s own unique minimum. If you want to expand your offerings into other services and make the minimum dollar requirement lower or higher – now you can!

FittleBug – How it Works

  • “NEW” – share additional information/explanations at every stage of the sales cycle where people might have questions. (Categories, Sub-Categories, Service) With one click they can see videos, additional HTML/Text, links and more.
  • Design your FittleBug application around the way you run your business. Consumer options are 100% customizable to your verbiage, pricing, and times of services
  • Works great with one or multiple trucks
  • Assign your trucks to unique zip codes
  • Assign “categories” like “marble” to unique trucks
  • Set up dollar, percentage or customized promotions with unique codes for onetime or multiple use applications
  • Brand your FittleBug with your company brand colors, images, videos, and content
  • Allow down to the minute service time options or blocks of time – your choice!
  • Let you customers spread your greatness through the FittleBug “One-Click” social media referral tracking tool called S.A.F.E. (save a friend effort)
  • Set up automated email notifications that send out based on triggered events like appointment reminders, quality follow ups, or yearly reminders. Set em and Forget em!
  • Allow business further away with the “hidden cost” functionality for unique zip codes that adds to the cost of items automatically without calling it a “gas or service call charge”.
  • Higher than average ticket size when booked online through FittleBug
  • Empower your Customers to Schedule & Self-checkout / Pay online
  • Cut costs of hiring an employee to answer the phone for you
  • Allow Your customers the convenience to BOOK ANYTIME

FittleBug – Much More Than Just Scheduling

My standard answer is “Because you Can”. Don’t think consumers don’t want it, because they do!

No… we host the application for you and support it’s upgrades on our end. The software can brand the look and feel of the application to look like your company’s website with the same banner, logo’s and color schemes.

You can test out FittleBug by clicking here or the tab at the top of the page called “FittleBug Demo”. NOTE: to enter the program please read and follow the instruction at the top of the demo page. Any questions call 630-444-2000.

We provide Initial training and ongoing email and phone support. We also provide video snippets on most aspects of the administration functionality. We offer numerous model to chose from which makes it easier to initially get up and running quickly. You can add to or delete aspects of a chosen model to reflect your company. Remember – you control almost everything related to how you want it displayed to the consumer.

We designed FittleBug to be flexible and extensible in its design and implementation. FB is for any industry looking to allow 24/7 booking of their services that can answer the following questions:

  • Do you know where your services come from? (zip codes, etc)
  • Do you want to market to consumers 24/7?
  • Do you know what each service items cost and how long it takes?
  • Do you believe that consumers are migrating to the internet to secure services?

FittleBug is a Real-Time Scheduling tool that allows businesses to be able to marketing themselves and their services 24 hours a day and book consumers service request around the clock, much like hotel booking or airline scheduling. It’s a One-Click Social media referral tracking tool. Consumers can Book you and Be Done in one session. No more telephone tag or email tag. Here’s how one client puts it:

60 sec video