For those clients that need preferred status like a King or Queen!

Thanks Tres Allen @ www.cleanfloorsaustin.com for the suggestion. We liked it and others will as well. Tres suggested that Property Manager and others are a potential large market for his industry of carpet cleaning. He has property manager clients that he cleans rental properties and more for on a regular basis and an agreed upon price. He didn’t want to require them to place a deposit since they already have an agreed upon price, but did want them to book themselves on their time based on his actual real-time availability just a normal consumer does with FittleBug. So we built it!

Now once a consumer registers with your FittleBug program, you can change their status from a normal client to what we call a “Super User”. Only Super Users can see subcategories created by you that you don’t want the public to see. So go ahead and create Property Manager Sub-Categories that you only want them to see. Once assigned Super User status and logged in, they will see options that the normal public wont see.

Also, since you bill these people directly, when they choose what they want you to do and choose an available time, they by-pass the check out requiring a deposit. Orders still get processed and confirmation emails still go out. The only difference is no deposit required by the Kings and Queens of your client base.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and remember they won’t know they can love you around the clock if you don’t tell them.