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Green Mitton Chemdry – Melissa Glaze  /  Cami and Kolin – Heavens Best

Using Windows of Time for Scheduling? Click and see what you’re giving up…

No need to play telephone tag, swap emails, or texts… Let consumers Book It and Be Done! This expands your marketing by two thirds of the day, all based on your available Real-Time Calendar.

With FittleBug, you don’t need to hire a receptionist to answer your calls or take calls yourself while on a job. You can empower your customers to book a job in real time at their convenience straight from your website 24 hours a day on their time, based on your time – ANYTIME!

In today’s world, Digital Mom won’t wait for you to get back to her. Not answering the phone because you are servicing a client or sleeping doesn’t work anymore. The Internet Empowers her to find someone more accommodating because of aggregating search engines like Google, Yelp and others – FittleBug Booking Empowers her to be Booked and Done! FittleBug is not a form, it’s dynamic real-time booking & done tool that lets her book 24/7 on here time (based on the  real-time availability of your existing booked calendar down to the minute) and helps reduce administrative costs dramatically. It’s the most cost effective employee you could ever hire!

Increase your Revenue
and Average Job Size by 20%

It is a fact that when people are given the freedom & facility to book online, they tend to spend more. Our customers using FittleBug have found that their revenue and average job size has gone up. Invest in FittleBug. Increase your Revenue while offering convenience to your clients.

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It's easy to set up and easy to manage. You could be empowering your marketplace tomorrow!

Transform your website into a job booking engine

Part of our training process is to work with you to get your services ready to go on FittleBug the way you want it. FittleBug is a very flexible software that wraps it's features around your company approach.  Call your services what you want, price item how you like an update them in the future without ever paying anyone to do it for you. It's that easy! Once ready all you do it tell people and start booking jobs right away!

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After 10 years helping Service Providers grow their companies, FittleBug is the Proven Choice for the Service Industry!

Whether it's  carpet cleaners, hardwood floor cleaners, upholstery cleaners, duct cleaning companies and more Service Providers have been using FittleBug Real-Time Booking for several years now to grow their customer base and increase their revenues. Don't take our word, read some case studies and see some growth charts. Then CLICK HERE to listen to what some of our clients say about FittleBug.

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FittleBug Features

We are MUCH MORE that just a tool that helps you Schedule a job... FittleBug is full of features that make growing your business incredibly easy!

Sync with ServiceMonster & Google Calendar

FittleBug allows you to synchronize the bookings with both your Google calendar & ServiceMonster savings you the headache to manually synchronize. CLICK HERE to see how it works with ServiceMonster . CLICK HERE to see how it would work other CMS programs using Google Calendars.

Set-up Promotions Quickly using FittleBug

Set up dollar, percentage or customized package promotions with unique codes for onetime or multiple use applications. With our enhanced promotion tool you can drill down and apply promotions at the Category Level (carpet, wood etc), the Sub-Category level (rooms, sofas, etc) or the Service Level (pet urine extraction. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

Hidden Charges & Distance Incentive Savings Tool

You can charge hidden additional fees for far off or affluent areas and also show consumers when you are in their area and offer savings to clients who book your time around other jobs in the area. CLICK HERE to see more.

Add Additional Trucks as you grow for NO charge

You can add unlimited trucks and also configure what services each truck can provide

Send Email Reminders

Send out automatic reminders to your clients and receive appointment reminders yourself thus making it easy for you and your clients

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We were one of FittleBug’s first customers. We have a lot of customers who are in the high tech industry and they wanted to be able to book online. To have a true online booking experience seemed like a daunting task...

Bill Coulter, Seattle

Fittlebug is a pretty cool concept, allowing carpet cleaning customers to be in control of when and how they set up their appointments. I’m not aware of any other product in our industry like this, although we do see them in other industries...

Jeff Cross, The Cleaning Professor
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Embrace FittleBug Technology.
Allow Clients to Book Your Service Anytime.

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